Clean label and ingredient modification

Clean label and ingredient modification

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  • January 6, 2021
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Clean label and ingredient modification: Natural colorant, natural emulsifier, starch modification, and sweeteners

Works have been accomplished…

  • Design and produce Janus particles made from natural biopolymers targeting variety of applications in drug delivery, emulsion stabilization, and environmental decontamination

  • Enhance the proteolytic and thermal stability of natural blue color, phycocyanin extract: Hybrid delivery system


Schematic illustration of the spin-coating spray approach (steps i-v) to produce Janus particles. (a) Steps to produce the half-porous waxy cornstarch Janus granules; (b) Steps to produce the half-hydrophobic amaranth starch Janus granules.

Catechin-modulated effect on the properties of PECs: schematic illustration of various formulations with catechin added in different order (A); formulations prepared at different pH (B); UV–vis spectra at pH 3.3 (C), 4.0 (D) and 5.0 (E)


Peer-reviewed Publications

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