High Internal Phase Emulsion for nutrient delivery

High Internal Phase Emulsion for nutrient delivery

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  • January 6, 2021
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Cosmetic: High Internal Phase Emulsion for nutrient delivery (Skin)

Works have been accomplished…

  • Custom Design natural gel-in-gel water-in-oil high internal phase emulsions to deliver ultrastable hydrophilic and hydrophobic nutraceuticals delivery in different biological conditions

  • Morphology, rheological properties, porosity, and closed-/open-cell structure can be tuned regarding the applications

Microstructure of HIPEs stabilized solely by protein. (A) Schematic illustration of the synthesis of oil-in-water U-HIPEs. (B) Photographs of emulsions prepared by homogenization and ultrasonication at different volume fractions of oil (ϕ). (C) CLSM micrograph of H-HIPEs and U-HIPEs (ϕ = 80.0%), showing the oil phase stained red (a, d), aqueous phase stained green (b, e), and the orthogonal image (ortho) of the Z-stacks (c, f). For the ortho-image, the centered panel is the X−Y view. The upper panel is the X−Z cross-section of the green line in the centered image. The panel at the right is the Y−Z cross-section of the red line in the X−Y view. The scale bars are 20 μm. (D) Cryo-SEM images of freeze-fractured H-HIPEs and U-HIPEs, showing oil droplets embedded in the aqueous continuous phase. The scale bars are 5 μm. Here, the HIPEs were prepared using corn oil as the dispersed phase and protein aqueous solution (0.5 wt % BSA) as the continuous phase. The acoustic intensity was 225 W cm−2.

Morphological evolution of chitosan/xanthan gum microspheres after additional electrostatic deposition of excess non-cross-linked polysaccharides. Schematic illustrating the structure of an individual microsphere after being coated with an extra xanthan gum layer and chitosan/xanthan gum complexes. TEM images of the microspheres at pH 5 (A, B), and SEM images of microspheres at pH (C) 4, (D, E) 5, and (F, G) 6. (H) SEM image showing the microspheres stabilized solely by chitosan/xanthan gum complex without cross-linking. Scale bars are 1 μm. The microspheres were prepared by ultrasonication (300 W cm−2) of the polysaccharide solutions (pH 2) and cyclohexane, followed by adjusting the pH (3−6).

Peer-reviewed Publications

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