Qike (Chico) Li

Ph.D. student

Research Background:

• Maintaining the native structure and color of phycocyanin in various harsh environments.
• Fabricating a phycocyanin-based colorant lake for widening the pigment’s application range.
• Co-delivering synergistic nutraceuticals (curcumin and piperine) in zein-based microgels.
• Determining the sucrose transport-related genes in grapes and their function when transformed into tomatoes.

Current Research:

• Stabilizing phycocyanin further in broader food matrices and delivery systems.
• Converting phycocyanin into functional components as food additives.
• Designing novel microemulsions for the purpose of “Clean Label” in beverages.
• More cutting-edge studies on the nature of phycocyanin.


  1. 2022-Present

    Ph.D. in Food science

    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
  2. 2019-2022

    M.Eng. in Food Science

    China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
  3. 2015-2019

    B.Eng. in Food Bio-engineering

    China Agricultural University, Beijing, China